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Atlético de Madrid (In the lower teams of At. Madrid)

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When I was ten I played in my first eleven-a-side team, Rayo 13. That was a good year for me. The three best players of the season were given the opportunity to try out with Atletico- I scored 55 goals that year, and thanks to that I was one of the players chosen. On the day of the trial I was really excited, dying to get out on the pitch and taste the real world. And things turned out just the way I’d hoped.



I joined Atletico de Madrid at the age of eleven, that’s the lowest age team there. My coach was Manolo Rangel. I have especially fond memories of that time, thanks to Manolo. Training was a game, and the matches were fun, that was the part of my life when I most enjoyed playing football.


Shortly after joining the team we went on a trip to Belgium, it was my first away trip, I was overwhelmed. The hotel, my team-mates, everything about that trip was amazing. I was living my dream, or at least that’s how it seemed to me back then.

When you belong to a club like Atletico de Madrid at that age you live for it, it’s indescribably exciting, although I couldn’t let myself forget that football was still just a hobby for me. For my family it was a nightmare: I say a nightmare because of the effort the four of them put in so as I could become a footballer- although that wasn’t the goal then because no one knew, not one us of even imagined I’d get to where I am today.

My dad had to leave work in the afternoons to take me to training in Orcasitas, and then go back to work in Fuenlabrada by train, other times my mother took me to the training ground on the bus and on the train, whether it was raining or if it was baking hot she’d always take me. She used to say ‘if you ever get tired you don’t have to go anymore, don’t feel obliged to keep on with the football.’ But I never got tired of it. My brother and sister had to take me to training sometimes, too. While I was playing, they’d be in the stands studying, in the different grounds they had to take me to.


Without my family I never would have got into the first team, I never would have even been a footballer.



My first year in the junior team, Junior B to be precise, twelve years old, the games were more difficult, the other teams had players that were older than us, which made a difference. But even so, although we didn’t win the league we finished in a good position in the table. We had the same group of players as the year before, apart from six or seven lads who’d fallen by the wayside. I spent every day playing football or studying, it was a bit hard going to be honest, but it was worth it in the end.




I began the Junior A season at 13. People from outside Madrid joined the team. I remember players like Manu, Molinero and Sergio Torres, who won the European under-16 championship with me. Football was still a past-time for me, but I knew what it meant to be part of an organisation like Atletico de Madrid, and I was 13.


It was my third year of football with Atleti. My arrival coincided with the double year, and that made me even more proud to be part of the club. In just a handful of years I’ve lived through the double, relegation, promotion, happiness and disappointment as a player and a fan…I’ve seen people of all age crying in the stands, I’ve even seen the fans leave the ground happy even though the team have lost!


They’re happy to have seen Atleti, their team. It’s different from with teams like Barcelona or Real Madrid, whose fans are only interested in winning, Atleti fans follow their feelings more than the results, we like to enjoy ourselves, have a good time every Sunday, then if you win, all the better. That’s the way of thinking I got from my Granddad, the Atletico way.



At cadet level I had a change of coach, Pedro Calvo was in charge of the team. I won my first important title with Pedro, and I want to thank him for his help and advice both when I was in his side, and afterwards.


I played for a year at cadet level, that was the year we played two Nike Cup tournaments, at domestic and European level. All the best teams were at those tournaments: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Manchester United, Juventus…, the standard was much higher than I’d been used to up to that point. And even so we won.
Those two trophies form part of the successful record of Atletico de Madrid junior football, and if that wasn’t enough I was voted Junior Player of the Year. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I’d gone, in such a short time, from playing with a bunch of mates in Rayo 13, to being the best European player in my age-group. I was still only fourteen years old.




At fifteen I signed my first contract with Atletico de Madrid. I would have signed for life. When I was a kid and we played bottletops I was always Atleti, playing football with my mates I always imagined I was an Atleti player, and now I really was one, I was part of the club, I was an Atletico de Madrid player.


At cadet age I played my first season with the youth team and took part in the National League. The group I was in was made up of cadet level players who had stood out the year before and first year youth team players, with the aim of putting together a strong side for the Honour Division. It was then I met the coach who has been most important for my career, Abraham Garcia, who I really hope and believe will go far.


Вы здесь » Фернандо Торрес / Fernando Torres » Биография Фернандо Торреса » Atlético de Madrid (In the lower teams of At. Madrid)